Ode to abbey


"beauty without intelligence is a masterpiece
painted on a napkin"


I had to share this with you from Jak & Jil blog, it's so epitomises my modeliser obsession...


jemme pel...

I seem to be spending more of my time between being a mum, wife, lover and friend on the ever-growing blogosphere...
everyday I stumble on somebody new that tickles my fashionable desires or takes me on a literary journey and inspires me to dip a feather in ink or wave a paintbrush across a fresh canvas...
Today I realised that I am spending far too much time worrying about what I want life to be like instead of living my life for the now and practising what I preach... I have a wonderfully blessed existence and far too often I am thinking which there entails my major dilemma because I THINK way tooo much about everything and anything that doesn't seem to make one iota of difference to my situation in the present...
So from this day forward, I promise to make sure that I focus more of my attention on the positive aspects and the beautiful things I have here right before me like undying true spiritual love from both my husband and beautiful son, Neon.
There is indeed so much light in my life.
Oh and before I got off the track, I was going to tell you about the cool new blogspot I found today, Fashion Squad is rad.
She's pretty, stylish and I have the same beanie she is donning in these photos... so perhaps that says something about me?? haha...

Tripping on literary musings

I stumbled on the divine Sophie Ward blogspace today and what an absolute delight... she is both whimsical and intricate in her literary musings written I suppose during her many trips abroad for modelling.
I suggest you pop along to this space and read up on the lovely Miss Ward... the first post is a treat about her and miss Gem's journey from everyday girls to high profile runway models for Viviens and IMG... If you worship the two Aussie ladies as do I, then this makes for a worthwhile read...
A sample below of her literary skill...

And so we arrive at the gates
of these days held aloft
by want and wanton
life, slacked by waves on this
broadening shore.

And so we arrive at these gates.

And I am about to depart from their meadows. This meadow of rotten apples that I have so lovingly poured over. The rain started today. I am taking on the shape of the city, of my life, of my unfolding future, kind of like how a sweater begins to take the shape of your own body after days and days of wear, of time, of sun, of sharp elbows, of other people’s sweat. I have so much sweat all over me - from other people.

Drawings courtesy of Danny Roberts, check out more of his amazing works on his blog.


I found this on a RAD blogsite today called knight cat.

"erin wasson doing what is now officially called the "dellal" with her hair.
Agreed yeah? HOT



Finally the Influence book came through the post... I ordered it from the States via Amazon (all hail this heavenly site) since I couldn't get a hold of it anywhere here in Australia yet... not even Borders...
I've been avidly reading it everyday and I have to say it is living up to the hype...
The Olsens have nailed it...


DB hearts Oyster



Homebake, MySpace and Oyster Magazine are pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Focus Designer Competition. Debris Blanc is the brainchild of talented Brisbane-based and Arizona-born designer Teeroy, who artistically assembles and creates every piece of Debris Blanc clothing by hand.

Debris Blanc stems from a derivative of French meaning White Trash - “I used the term because it's a very elegant way of expressing it” explains designer import Teeroy.
“I am thrilled to have won the competition on MySpace and am looking forward to the interview with Oystervision at Homebake 08 as well as the opportunity for Dash + Will to wear my designs for on stage”

The Focus Designer Competition was created by Homebake, Myspace and Oyster as part of a continued effort to raise the profile of upcoming fashion designers using Homebake as a platform to support, promote and expose on Australia’s young creative talent.