“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” - Charles Bukowski

Suck my blood

TWILIGHT - believe the hype.

Ward Word

ALright I know what your thinking, but please bear with me cause this one is worth it.
Sophie Ward, amazing model, amazing person, and amazing writer.

modeliser part 1

Ok so this is going to be a post dedicated to two of my favourite top models, there are many more but I think I would bore those of you who aren't modelisers like me with my numerous blogs dedicated to such insanely beautiful subjects.
We are bombarded with images of these models gracing the glossys and strutting the catwalks but you never expect them to talk. I mean I guess they don't get paid to really.
But one of my favourite past times, when i get a chance, is to check out the youtube vids of them opening their mouths, usually courtesy of fashion tv models talk or first face.
And to my surprise they actually have personality, personal style, wit and a humble nature that you wouldn't always expect from such genetically blessed beings.
I mean can't there be a flaw somewhere, it's not enough that their faces have perfect symmetry and legs to the heavens, but they're actually really awesome people too...
Anyway, moving along!
Of course a favourite of mine is the miss McNeil, an aussie from our own white trash backyard of logan... she has come along way from her days as a tomboy aspiring mechanic and check out how many shows she's been in, she is a feline goddess... "putting Australia on the map"!
And as for miss Werbowy, well there's no mistaking that this ladeee is smokin! WOW...
and she appreciates where she is, at the top, very humble which just makes her even more beautiful...

I'm Stone-d

Danish model Lara Stone would have to be one of the sexiest models on the runway to date - and she's a very bad girl.
I love her wide toothy gapped grin and accent, she is so rad.
And check her smoking a fag at 2:45, I hate this habit but sorry, she makes it look hot.