Abbey Lee Kershaw in Vogue with Max Azria 2009...

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From the very beginning of her career, Abbey knew how to work a red carpet to perfection.
She is divine here in this Max Azria floorlength olive gown from his 2009 fall collection at the Vogue Australia 50th Anniversary party.
Now that's how you translate runway to realway.

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DIY Celine Neon clutch...


Love this DIY clutch designed by because i'm addicted, American Apparel bag + neon acrylic paint = Celine-esque bag.
Neon is back with avengence, seeing lots of bright yellow/citrine coloured satchels, nails, necklaces and shoes in Melbourne lately.
Even Hanneli is sporting a neon satchel... loving...



Have steered away from personal style posts in the past, as I haven't really wanted this blog to compete with the incredible style blogs out there already doing an incredible job.
However, I have decided that the best way for me to connect with my readers on a more personal level is to share things about myself.
And when I think of some of my favourite bloggers, one of the posts I look forward to most is their interpretation of runway trends and taking it to the streets.
So I am going to start sharing the odd style post of my own, this is me on the way to work in Melbourne CBD today.
I am wearing Debris Blanc shredded tee and fur, Nobody cult skinny jeans, Asos fedora, vintage boots, Jewelsmith rings, DIY crystal necklace, and Bloom glitter eyeliner.

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Stylexicon interviews: Leiden Kronemberger pre-RAFW model to watch...

DITCH the mannequin model doctrine, fashion's latest muse is stepping out from her predecessors army of lookalikes and into her own spotlight, with a paparazzi flashbulb lighting the way.
This modern girl oozes creativity, artistic flair and a rock'n'roll attitude with piercings and tattoos to match.
While many critics are making moves to ban airbrushing for fashion's imagery, it's actually keeping some of our favourite models in work.
Dutch rebel, Freja Beha Erichson has her a following of fans crushing on her body art with a total of 8 tattoos including the famous "float" on her neck, "this world tonight" on her right wrist and one that has been emulated many times over "this too shall pass" inked on her inner right bicep. 
Despite 8 tattoos, the brunette beauty still manages to remain at the top of her game at world number 2 on models.com official ranking.
And let's not forget our very own and world number 5 Aussie module, Abbey Lee Kershaw who has a feather on the back of her neck, an owl on her middle finger and a heart behind her right ear.
Well following closely behind the rogues of runway is Leiden Kronemberger of EMG, another model we tip to watch at RAFW.
In her own words, Leiden is the 'anti-christ of models' with several of her own tattoos, but she believes it's `important to maintain your own identity'.
Her days as a contestant in the Australia's Next Top Model house 2008 are long over, and now she's determined to strut her stuff next week.
Her peroxide pixie crop accents her punkish vibe, but there's no denying this model's natural beauty - she has Argentinian German and Spanish heritage - with her peachy pout, chiseled cheekbones and almond eyes, for a look that could kill.
The model took five with us to chat about her pre-RAFW nerves and hopes she doesn't stack it, her love for `getting all pretty' and dreams of getting a wardrobe filled with Ann Demeulemeester.

RAFW is just around the corner, how does it feel to be apart of Australia's biggest fashion celebration? 
It's pretty exciting, I mean not everyone gets to walk in Fashion week so its a privilege! 
What's it like just before you hit the catwalk? do you have any kind of nerves or pre-strut jitters? what goes through your mind backstage?
My legs shake, I cross my fingers and hope I don't stack it!!
Half the time the shoes are too big or too small and just standing around waiting for the beat to hit for you to walk out feels like forever!
What is your favourite part about modelling? editorial or runway? why?
 My favourite part of modelling is evenly spaced out between editorial and runway just because editorial is fun as you get to dress up and have a few looks but it gets draining because sometimes your shooting for hours!and Runway is great fun because you're with a bunch of girls having a rad time - getting all pretty!
You get dressed, music starts and boom, time to shine! but in saying that you have 1000 eyes staring at you so you feel the pressure!
There will be a stack of Aussie labels on show next month, who are you most looking forward to walking for? and why?
The Tafe show is always a highlight for me because I'm a first year student at the college. Charlotte O'Carrigan is showing her collection for the first time and I'm so excited to walk for her because I really think her collection will be a hit!

Do you have any personal favourites or designers that you can't go without?
If I could afford designer pieces I would probably have a whole wardrobe filled with Ann Demeulemeester!
Her pieces are always so dark and wearable and her F/W 2011 collection was to die for! GOOGLE HER PEOPLE!

With a tonne of modelling work behind you, you must also have a wardrobe packed full of lustworthy clothing, what are some of your favourites?
I'd have to say that my Vintage Givency olive green wool coat is my favourite.
I found it in an op shop a few years ago and I had to buy it!
Another item I love is this wool long sleeve dress I received for contra from Billion dollar Babes! Think Addams family!
It's ah-mazing and of course my tye dye grey and black jeans I got from the guys at Levis! 
Model-off-duty has become a cult look now, with street style sites dedicated to snapping model style. How would you describe your style? Do you dress up more during fashion week or opt for comfort instead? 
My style is generic indie!
I'm always in skinnys, boots and a beanie, whatever I wear on top depends on the weather! but it's usually a really sheer singlet and a leather jacket of some description!
I'm also big on silver jewellery and precious stones so I chuck on a few rings, a necklace and my Nixon watch and I'm ready to go !

You have a cult look with peroxide pixie crop and tattoos, it used to be that models needed to maintain a plain mannequin look, but now many of them are creating their own identities and branding their unique looks. This look has become especially popular now with Abbey Lee hitting the bottle and sporting tattoos, not to mention Freja and Tiah Eckhardt also - are you glad to see this championed now in the modelling industry? do you feel it's important for a model to maintain her own identity?
I'M THE ANTI CHRIST OF MODELS!!! HAHA My bookers Natalie and David are always angry at me because I keep getting more tattoos without telling them... oops!
(tattoos are so taboo in this industry !!) 
Personally, I think it's important to maintain your own identity because if you ever make it big, you know you did it because you stood your ground and stuck to the look you wanted!
I idolise Omahyra Mota because of that! She's a great example of a heavily tattooed model who rocks the androgynous look and who has worked for people like Jean Paul Gaultier and even walked for Victoria's Secret. Diamond in the rough is what I say! 

Where would you like to take modelling? do you see yourself going overseas?
With the look I have I know Europe is my market.
I just need the drive to look after myself a bit better!
Less late nights, less beers and more exercise! I need to get my body in-shape before I have any sort of expectations to travel. 

Stylexicon Interviews: Olivia Thornton - new face RAFW...

Read the full story here.

Source: Ellery campaign images via Frockwriter

Luv moody dreamy ethereal lenscapes...

Lusting for Luv Aj, there's something to be said for soft focus, dreamy, boho photography in fashion... it gets me every time... I swear I'm a sucker for this style every time, it doesn't even matter if the clothing isn't styled well or the model isn't perfect, the ethereal quality sets the mood...
but this shoot has everything, I really love the jewellery and the head piece, want baaaaadly...
you can buy here.

Anja Konstantinova goes rogue for fashion...

Anja Konstantinova joins fashion director, Paul Bui for Fashion Gone Rogue.
She is just so divine right?
Love the almost buck toothed pout, petite features, and feline qualities.
She's so tiny and cute.